Refund Policy

Applicable to Courses and Workshops and Special Events offered by Firebird Studios where the enrolled student attends in person.

General Refund Policy

All Courses and Workshops are to be paid for in advance of attending, either online via this website, or in person.

In the case of the enrollee’s inability to attend, a full refund is available, provided at least 24 hour notice is provided BEFORE the start date/time of the class.

In the case where the minimum number of people required to run the class, course or workshop (three people) the course may be cancelled or deferred. In the case of cancellation, a full refund will be issued. In the case of deferment the enrollee may request a refund if the new times are not suitable to them.

No refund is available after the due start time of the course.

All paid for courses and classes can be “made up” (attend the missed class at a mutually agreeable day/time), as long as the “make up” is within 3 months of the scheduled day/time of the paid for class.

All paid for courses can be deferred for up to 3 months, after which time the course term will expire (no refund or make up classes), depending upon availability of a suitable substitute course.

Paid In Advance Courses

Courses must be paid in full in advance of the Course start day/time.

Refund Policy is the same as the General Refund Policy.

Courses may be deferred.

Course fees can be reallocated to another suitable similar or same priced course, or used as a deposit for a course of greater cost, depending upon the availability of a suitable course.

Courses enrolment may be transferred to another person, depending upon mutual agreement.

Workshops & Special Events

Refund Policy is the same as the General Refund Policy.

Deferrals are available.

Reallocation to other courses is available.

All provided 24 hours notice is provided. We have no obligation to re-allocate or refund missed workshops.