During COVID Restrictions the following requirements and restriction are in place at Firebird Studios:

  1. Attendees must sign in and out at the front counter and use the disinfectant hand wash provided
  2. Attendees are to bring their own hand towel and tools (workshop participants – tools will be provided)
  3. All shared tools are to be washed, dried and put away after each use.
  4. Our space allows 20 participants and up to 4 staff allocated this way:
    1. Open Studio Space – 4 people
    2. Thrower’s Nook – 6 people
    3. Class room – 10 people (clay, glaze and class areas in total)
    4. Teachers and staff as required
  5. Participants should not attend if they feel unwell
  6. Any person who has attended and subsequently tests positive with COVID-19 should advise the authorities and Firebird Studios
  7. Participants are to respect social distancing requirements while moving around the studio.
  8. Wash you hands often – use your own hand towel.
  9. Cover your nose and mouth if you sneeze or cough.