Firebird Studios | COVID 19 Policy

COVID at Firebird Studios


Firebird Studios is NOT a restricted business under the updated requirements for businesses in QLD as of 17th December 2021.

We have NO requirements for proof of vaccination or mandating staff for vaccination.

From the December 17th Update, all other COVID safe plans were rescinded. Firebird Studios will continue to create a safe place to learn pottery by retaining the following guidelines for attendance at the studio:

  1. Attendees should sign in and agree to our COVID safe plan and OH&S plan that is outlined on the sign in form.
  2. Attendees are to bring their own hand towel and tools (workshop participants – tools will be provided)
  3. All shared tools are to be washed with the provided disinfectant water, dried and put away after each use.
  4. Our space allows for up to 80 participants (20 is our usual maximum) and up to 4 staff allocated this way:
    1. Reception Work Room – 6 – 8 people
    2. Thrower’s Nook – 6 – 8 people
    3. Class room – 12 -15 people (clay, glaze and class areas in total)
    4. Teachers and staff as required
  5. Participants should not attend if they feel unwell. Masks don’t work to protect yourself or others from spreading droplets, so please stay home rather than risk it wearing a mask!
  6. Masks are NOT required (if a mask “mandate” is in place wearing a mask is your choice).
  7. Participants are to respect social distancing requirements while moving around the studio.
  8. Wash you hands often – use your own hand towel.
  9. Cover your nose and mouth if you sneeze or cough.
  10. Keep your workspace clean – wet washdown with provided disinfectant water.

This advisory will be updated with each change in QLD Government Policy.


Unfortunately the likelihood of enduring further lockdowns remains a possibility while we have an over responsive and over reaching government.

We will continue our Lockdown Guarantee that no person will miss out on their classes due to lockdowns. So far in QLD we have mostly had short lockdowns and we simply suspend all classes for the duration and start up where we left off when he lockdown started. We just push back our planning calendar and keep going!


Dealing with the continuing changes in the border rules, we would appreciate that NSW residents consider their course purchases carefully. If you do commit to a course and the border rules change where you cannot attend, your course (the remainder of the course) will be credited to the next one that is available that you can attend.

Last update – 26.12.21