Ceramics workshops as well as regular workshops in many related creative art, craft and artisan fields.


Firebird Studios holds regular workshops in all aspects of advanced ceramic studies, as well as workshops in many types of arts and crafts.

Upcoming Workshops

Advance Throwing – Teapots Off The Mound

Learn to throw off the mound – teapots and sets. Measure the clay in your hands, control shape, throw lids, throw spouts, throw to lid size, image the final product in pieces! 

Creativity Unbound

Meditate on a word/feeling, then shape clay with your hands to express that feeling, blind folded! Opens up your kinesthetic/visual synesthesia – the ability to feel what it looks like and see with your feelings! No judgement on your creations – let them flow, have a laugh, talk through the process in the group for greater understanding of creativity!

Wire Sculpt a Tree

Learn how to wire sculpt a tree of life with crystals, wire and a rock! It’s easy, minimal tools, and you can take your finished work home with you after this workshop!

Mold Making

This half day workshop is focussed on the art of mould making. We will use various forms to make various moulds for slip casting and drape/slump moulding. Potters Plaster is a potter’s best friend in the creativity game, and we will learn to use it to it’s maximum!

Develop Your Range

It’s one thing to come to workshops and create nice items, or to take pottery classes and make a variety of pots. When you are ready to take your craftsmanship to another level, lets talk “range”, or style! Formatting a unified look, a statement that reflects your inspirations and uniqueness, takes skill! You will leave this workshop with a clearer idea of wo you are artistically and creatively.

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