Firebird Studios offers two hour workshops in many aspects of pottery.

We also do a variety of longer “intensives’ – between 4 hours and 2 days!

Raku and reduction firings are frequent as well as pit firing during winter!

Our Workshops

Firebird Studios holds regular workshops in all aspects of pottery. Most are suitable for beginners, while some expore special advanced topics as “intensive” workshops, suitable for experienced potters.

Bells Workshop

Bells are wonderful little pinch pots to make! Make the bell, donger, beads and other fixtures out of various types of clay!

Mugs Workshop

In this Mug Workshop you will hand build a set of  two to four mugs, or  completely different mugs if you choose!

Planter Workshop

Make two beautiful planters – one freely coil built, the other built in a mould with coloured slip and sgraffito.

Coil & Sculpt Workshop

We will make a small figurine PLUS a 30cm tall sculpture! Its easier than you think, and SO satisfying as your work takes shape!

Pinch Pots

In this workshop we will make a variety of pinch pots – you do the ones you love!

Bowl & Platter Workshop

 Make a beautiful decorated fruit bowl and a cheese board platter or plate

Dinner Setting Workshop

In this workshop we will be designing and making a single setting dinner set!

Porcelain Jewellery Workshop

Make the delicate porcelain jewellery pieces. Try out the wonderful clay that is porcelain!

Keep Cup Workshop

Use coloured slip to decorate your own design on a mould, then learn to slip cast! 

Make a Large Slab Vase Workshop

In this special workshop we will be building a large vase from slabs and decorating it with slip, underglaze transfers and sgraffito!

The slabs will be prepared for you so you can simply get creating!


Beginner Potters Wheel Workshops

Ever watched fascinated as potters make a spinning wheel and a lump of clay into a pot? Here is your chance to try your hand at making a pot on the Potter’s Wheel.

First Term Workshops:

Pit, Raku and Reduction Firing

During winter we hold a series of alternative firing workshops – pit firing, raku, wood, gas, saggar and even a kiln building workshop! Keep and eye out for winter dates!

Kids Clay Play

Come to firebird Studios for a fun time with clay play. Tap into the tactile creativity of clay.

Make animals, monsters, little plates, and anything else your imagination can discover!


Teen Pottery Camp

4 Mornings to Learn Pottery!

Make platters, bowls, mini sculptures, vases and more!

Have a session on the potters wheel

Glaze and colour your own work.

3 hours per class.

Learn Pottery Intensive

5 Day Intensive to learn hand building and wheel throwing.

2 hours in the morning for wheel practice

2 hours in the afternoon for hand building

Learn pinch pots, slab building, coil building, slump and drape moulding, slip casting.

Learn the basics of the wheel.

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