Firebird Studios Teachers

Our teachers benefit from being trained by a potter of 45 years expereince!

Firebird Studios Teachers

Firebird Studios is one of the busiest teaching studios in South East Queensland.

We could not manage without our dedicated staff and teachers! Our teachers have all done your course at least twice as well as our special Firebird Studios teacher training. They have access to online resources and are highly motivated to teach what they have learned!

Pottery is a passion for many of us and passions are best shared. You will find your teacher interested in you, what you are creating and your journey through the pottery experience!

Sally Kendon



Cherie Noble

About me
As a potter, I love exploring clay through both sculpture and functional work. As an artist I comment on environmental issues; but
the two are interwoven. My interest in art-making led me to clay; first as a sculptural medium, and now I also enjoy making functional objects.
Working with clay since 2018 I have developed hand-building and wheel skills supported through a solid understanding of processes and materials used in mid-fire pottery. I teach Level 1 and 2 Make and Decorate classes at Firebirds studios, and work alongside other teachers who teach the wheel. I work one on one with students in these classes, helping them develop the foundation
skills and knowledge so they can produce bowls and cylinders on the wheel. These experiences have given me technical skills and
confidence to help others explore clay for all kinds of projects.
In 2019 I collaborated with Lynda Lehman in 2019 to make “Bower” for Swell Sculpture Festival; a comment on marine plastic pollution that combined ceramic tiles, marine plastics, and camphor laurel (now positioned at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary). Currently
I am making 450 kitchen wall tiles to match my handmade light fittings, and I am also developing a large environmental sculpture
for public display. Developing and seeing large projects through to fruition is what I love to do.
What I offer
I offer individual sessions to help with projects of all sizes, whether you want to throw small bowls, create sculptural works, learn
hand building techniques, or learn a combination of techniques and/or work in conjunction with other mediums to make exactly what you want.

Joanne MacKenzie



Marcia Ghiggioli

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