Student Gallery

Our students make some exeptional work – check it out!

Student Gallery

Students work in the direction they are interested in – we just help your ideas come to life!

Want To Make Clay Items Like These?

Your skills will develop over time, and anything you can imagine is possible!

Coil Building

Coil building gives you the power to make tall objects, sculptural objects, intricate bowls and interesting textures in moulded work. Coiling is a wonderful skill to have in you pottery toolbox!

Mold Making

We have a variety of moulds that you can use, or you can express total freedom by learning the process yourself! Great for cups and mugs, or other items you want to be able to repeat.

Pinch Pots

Learning and mastering he art of pinch pots will give you the freedom to make smaller items like bowls and bells and other ornaments. Additionally it is a skill that helps your other clay skills develop.

Coloured Slip

Using coloured clay and slip (coloured with body stains, or varying levels of oxides)  opens the wonderful worlds of nerikome, sgraffito, slip trailing and more.


Textures give a whole new creative edge to whatever you are making. From the raw and organic, through to meticulously carved detail, learn how to add texture to your work.


From underglazes, to over glazes and everything in between. Learn the relationship between form and colour and how to achieve and control the results you desire.

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