Gift Certificate


Choose any amount

Choose who to send it to

Recipient can spend their gift certificate on any courses or workshops they choose.

All handled online!

Please see full instructions below!



To purchase a Gift Certificate simply add the amount to the box.

At the checkout you will be asked if you want the Gift Certificate (coupon) sent to yourself or to a friend.

Enter their email address and your message to them.

Upon purchase they will automatically receive their Gift Certificate and your message! By clicking on their gift certificate in the email, they will be able to purchase any course or workshop and keep applying their credit towards curses or workshops until the coupon amount is used up!

If you want to give them the Gift Certificate as a paper gift. please right click on the image on this page and save to your computer for printing. You can fill in the details and advise them to check their email to access the gift.

If you wish you can delay the delivery of the gift to a certain day/time by selecting the “Later” button (Now/Later) at the checkout.

NB – The gift voucher handles GST in an odd way – please add 10% to your voucher amount so your recipient gets the gift you intended – eg – Want to give a $200 voucher – please buy $220 voucher credits….


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