Potter’s Wheel Master Class

Learn to “throw” on the Potter’s Wheel.

10 Week Master Class

From beginner to experienced – you will learn all the hints and tricks of master potters handed down from over 40 years of experience.


Potter’s Wheel Master Class

10 Week Potter’s Wheel Master Class

From beginner to pro, and everything in between. No matter where you are in your throwing development this Master Class will accelerate and refine your throwing skills. Suitable for complete novices through to those who can already throw. You will be challenged at your level to learn and refine your motor skills, your clay knowledge, your process knowledge and your finishing skills at every class. 

This class approaches learning to throw as an apprentice would learn. If you are prepared to go back to the very beginning and train new habits, even a seasoned thrower will improve their skill! For a novice thrower – learn once and learn well! You will be set up with skills you can cherish for life!

This class is limited to 6 students who are committed to completing the entire course. If you are unsure of your desire to learn to throw, please book in for a single lesson workshop. However, these courses do fill quickly, so don’t hesitate!

Course Outline

Week One

  • Clay preparation
  • Reclaiming clay
  • Wedging
  • Rams head kneading
  • Spiral kneading
  • Centring

Week Two

  • Centring review
  • Centre and open
  • Base for cylinders and base for bowls
  • Coning
  • Keep one cylinder and one bowl for trimming next week

Week Three

  • Trimming basics
  • Centre, open, make base, cone and three pulls
  • The difference between cylinder forms and bowls
  • Keep one bowl and one cylinder for trimming next week

Week Four

  • Trimming – foot rim
  • Controlling shape
  • Using shaping tools
  • Finish and form
  • Keep two bowls and two cups for trimming next week

Week Five

  • Trimming
  • Pulling handles
  • Adding handles and lugs
  • Throwing a bat ring
  • Using bats
  • Plates and low bowls with 800g
  • Keep three plates and/or bowls for trimming

Week Six

  • Trimming plates and bowls
  • Different foot rim styles and requirements
  • Throwing larger – 1 – 2 kg of clay
  • Keep two pieces for trimming

Week Seven

  • Trimming
  • Jugs and bottles
  • Keep one jug, one bottle for trimming

Week Eight

  • Trimming bottles and jugs
  • Add lugs and handles
  • Throwing off the mound
  • Lidded containers
  • Gallery types

Week Nine

  • Trimming lids
  • Make teapot parts
  • Throwing to spec – measuring and calculating
  • Copy one completed item – to spec!

Week Ten

  • Put teapot together
  • Trim and finish the spec item
  • Review of course
  • Practice weak points 

Well done! You have probably learned more in 10 weeks than many have done over years of pottery self development and other classes. You are well and truly ready to go into Open Studio classes where you can follow your passion and interests. Firebird studios teachers will help you to continue your study and development every step of the way!

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