Potter’s Wheel 10 Week Course

Reduced to $895 (from975.00)

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, our 10 Week Wheel Potters Wheel Course is designed to teach and elevate your pottery skills.

Each Class is 2.5 hours long. Throughout this course, you’ll be challenged to improve your skills, deepen your understanding of clay, refine your process knowledge, and enhance your finishing techniques. Even experienced throwers will find their skills honed, while novices will acquire lifelong skills to treasure.

We recommend this comprehensive course to any potter eager to expand their wheel-throwing abilities.

Stage One:

  • Clay preparation
  • Centering
  • Opening
  • Pulling
  • Crafting bowls and cylinders

Stage Two:

  • Shape control
  • Crafting plates and larger bowls with the use of a bat
  • Working with larger quantities of clay (up to 1kg)

Stage Three:

  • Replicating consistent shapes
  • Practicing larger pottery pieces

Stage Four:

  • Exploring advanced shapes
  • Precision trimming
  • Basic glazing techniques for your creations

By the end of this 10-week journey, you will have likely gained more knowledge and skills than many do over years of pottery practice. Please remember that throwing on a potter’s wheel is a craft that takes years to master, and this course equips you with the skills to embark on that journey.

As a bonus, each week of the course, you will have an additional 2 hour Open Studio block at your convenience for practice and reinforcement of your class learning. 

Course fees cover all necessary materials, including clay, glazes, and firing, as well as basic tools required for your coursework.

Any extra work beyond the course requirements will incur additional costs.

To ensure a comfortable experience, please bring your own large towel and apron, as pottery can get a bit messy!

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