Our Studio Policy

Studio Policy

We are a small community studio. We ask that you to please read and respect our studio policies.

Missed Classes, Cancellations & Refunds

Missed Classes for Courses and Workshops. We understand that things come up in life, however we are a small privately owned Studio and if you do not show up, we are unable to offer a make-up class for missed classes.

Courses: You have a 2 hour un-assisted studio session each week, with booked courses, to make up the time lost in studio.

Workshops: If you miss your workshop then we are unable to offer a refund or a transfer to another date.

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy for all courses and workshops. If you cancel within 48 hours of the class, there will be no opportunity to fill your spot, so we can’t offer a refund. (You are welcome to ask a friend or family member to take your place).

If less than seven days’ notice is given, we will be unable to offer a refund, however, we are able to offer you a credit.

If more than seven days’ notice is given, we can refund or a credit for a different class.

Collection of Student and Class work

All course work and workshop work is to have the appropriate initial or identifier on it. It will be kept in a particular place in the studio for 6 weeks for you to collect. This includes thrown work waiting to be trimmed, bisqued work waiting to be glazed, as well as finished work waiting to be collected.

Any green work will be recycled. Any fired work will be donated or disposed of.

It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of the storage policy. If you are unable to collect your finished work within this time frame, contact us and we will hold it aside for you.

Breakages and damage

Clay has so much beauty – however it also has a fickle and finnicky nature. It can crack and break at any of the many stages of getting clay to a fully glazed functional piece. This being the nature of clay, we cannot guarantee the success of your piece. It is a condition of learning the skills our studio, our shelves and our firing service that you are aware of this.

While we take every care and we love to see beautiful finished work come out of our kilns, Firebird studios and our staff will not be held liable for any work that does not make it due to cracking, breakage, mis-fires, kiln mis-fires, damage caused by other students in the studio and glaze failures.

Our Clay Store.

We have a range of clay in the studio that is specifically for our class work and students. Your course outline will determine if clay is included and what clays are available for you to use.

We ask that you are careful and considerate with clay usage as we recycle our clay and this is a time intense operation.

Our recycled studio clay is available for purchase. You are able to purchase clay to practice in the studio during allotted times.

Our Glaze Station

Glaze Rules: We have an extensive range of glazes pre-made in our studio. We have basic glazes available for Community Clay, casual studio sessions and for casual glaze sessions. We have an extended range of glazes available for an additional glazing fee and for course participants. Our glaze rules are to be adhered to.

Courses: The basics of glazing will be covered in each course. The full range of glazes is available for course work. All glazing will be completed within the course structure or completed for you if required. Our beautiful glazes are free to use for course work only. ****Extra studio work and private work can be glazed with studio glazes if studio glaze sessions are purchased

Community Clay: There is a range of 8 beautiful basic glazes available for work completed in the studio. The extensive range of glazes is available to use for a “per kilo of bisque” rate. Outside of studio work can be glazed in the studio at the “per kilo of bisque rate”

Casual glazing sessions: casual glaze sessions can be purchased for $10 per session under 10 pieces and $15 per session if 10 and over pieces. This includes basic studio lazes. If you require the use of the other glazes, then a $2 per kg of bisque will apply.

Slips and underglazes and other consumables are available to use for the appropriate courses. Should you wish to use our slips and underglazes outside of the appropriate courses, there may be a small charge.


Courses and Workshops: All of our courses and workshops include firing of a certain number of pieces. Extra pieces will be fired at our normal studio rate.

Community Clay and casual sessions: All bisque and glaze firing will be charge at our normal studio rate.