Our Glaze Station

Glaze Rules:

We have an extensive range of glazes pre-made in our studio. We have basic glazes available for Community Clay, casual studio sessions and for casual glaze sessions. We have an extended range of glazes available for an additional glazing fee and for course participants. Our glaze rules are to be adhered to.


The basics of glazing will be covered in each course. The full range of glazes is available for course work. All glazing will be completed within the course structure or completed for you if required. Our beautiful glazes are free to use for course work only. ****Extra studio work and private work can be glazed with studio glazes if studio glaze sessions are purchased.

Community Clay:

There is a range of 8 beautiful basic glazes available for work completed in the studio. The extensive range of glazes is available to use for a “per kilo of bisque” rate.

Casual glazing sessions:

Casual glaze sessions can be purchased only if you have advanced glazing experience. Guided glazing workshops are available if you require assistance with glazing. Casual Glazing sessions are available to purchase for $10 per session for under 10 pieces and $15 per session for 10 and over pieces. This includes basic studio glazes. If you require the use of the other glazes, then a $2 per kg of bisque will apply. Firing of this work will be charged at standard studio rates.

Guided glazing workshops:

Glazing workshops are available if you require assistance with glazing. You must book into these glazing sessions at least 2 days prior to the workshop.

Slips and underglazes and other consumables are available to use for the appropriate courses. Should you wish to use our slips and underglazes outside of the appropriate courses, there may be a small charge.

Glazing Rules:

  1. Our glazes are all dipping and pouring glazes
  2. One 1-2 second dip is sufficient. Any longer than this and you risk your glaze running during firing
  3. Only 1 glaze is to be applied to the outside of your pots. Please discuss with us if you have any questions.
  4. 1 cm gap is to be left above the bottom of the pot to avoid glaze running onto the kiln shelf during firing
  5. We have biscuits available for purchase if you have any reason to think your glaze will run
  6. We have test tiles available to purchase if you wish to test the glazes. They will be charged at standard glaze rates.