It was quicker than I thought!

Firebird Studios has moved into the new space at unit 4 / 6 Ramly Drive! We have had that unit for a number of years, but we have been using it for our martial arts dojo – Bujinkan Ninjutsu. We only ever have a few students at a time and it seemed like a waste of space, especially since Firebird Studios was crowding out my husband’s workshop in unit 2 (so much so that he was unable to make anything, or reach his tools and machines!).

Unit 4 has a magnificent mezzanine that is highly suitable for our small martial arts group. It’s also suitable for meditation classes (which I’m looking forward to starting soon), and a clean space for artistic workshops, quiet drawing groups, maybe even yoga.

Over the last week we painted the walls (they were red and grey) moved the martial arts upstairs, built a glazing room, had wash down areas and clay traps plumbed in, set up a nice lounge area with tea and coffee, and set up the little kitchen. There is open space we will be utilising for larger workshops and events as well.

On the weekend we moved out all the gym equipment and moved in all of the pottery studio. We had our first class in the new space on Monday and what a treat! So much space. So light. So clean! We even have an outdoors area that is set against a little (straggly) bushland. Set up is almost finished. I’ll be labelling everything so the tools, colours, rollers, etc. are easier to find!

Pottery classes are held on Monday morning, Wednesday afternoon for parent/child, Wednesday evening, and Friday morning. Wednesday evening will be booked out soon so I’ll look at either Tuesday evening or Thursday evening for another evening class. Still plenty of room in the morning classes, though!

We will be holding regular workshops in various arts and crafts, mostly on Saturday afternoons and starting soon! I manage a Meetup Group called Creativity Unleashed Gold Coast. We will be hosting mini workshops in many arts and crafts, utilising the skills of the group. The Meetup Group will probably be of an evening or afternoon, or Saturday mornings…. Many of Firebird Studios pottery students also have many talents in other areas that we can share as well! The idea with such a beautiful space is to foster a “creative collective” that can inspire people to open up their creative channels!

Everything is a bit plain white at present, however, over the coming months we will be adding many of our creations, student creations, and workshop creations!

Keep an eye on the classes page – I’ll update that if/when any class is booked out, or a class is added. Also, if you are interested in expanding your skill set to other arts and crafts, look out for updates on the workshops page. I would love to hear from you if you have an arty or crafty skill that you can share in a workshop!

Lynda Lehmann