Mould Making Short Course

Simple drop out mould

Simple two  part mould

Basic slip casting 

Mould Making Short course

5 Week Mould Making Short Course.

Learn basic mould making and slip casting techniques

Make a simple drop out mould and a simple two part mould

Cast your moulds.


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Term One

Term Three

Term Four

Week One

  • Introduction to what slip casting is about
  • What is slip?
  • What is potter’s plaster?
  • Design and begin to make your simple drop out plug

Week Two

  • Finish your simple drop out plug
  • Set up the casting box
  • Learn to measure and mix the plaster
  • Make your first mould

 Week Three

  • Design a two part plug
  • Make the plug for a two part mould
  • Finishing and cleaning the mould from last week

 Week Four

  • Finish the two part plug and cast it
  • Cast your drop out mould
  • Learn about colouring slip and decorating with coloured slip

    Week Five

    • Pour the two part mould

    Mould making and slip casting is a huge field. It covers basic moulds that a potter might make, to the multi part ceramics industry moulds right through to all commercial production of anything ceramic. Well done in getting a basic understanding!

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