Firebird Studios Mini Courses



Mini Courses are usually 3 x 2 hr classes over 3 weeks

We pick out one unit of exploration and delve more deeply

A huge variety of subjects!


 Firebird Studios Mini Courses

Mini courses are three weeks to expore a single topic – we offer a very wide variety of mini courses throughout the year.

All of our courses come with unlimited access to the studio to practice or work on your creations!

We also offer Intensive Workshops, Pottery Retreats and Online Courses

Hand Building Mini Courses

Hand Building and Sculpting Mini Courses over a wide variety of topics. Great for exploring something you liked in a course more indepth, perfect for learning new skills! 

Potters Wheel Mini Courses

Wheel Mini Courses are designed to follow on after Masterclasses or Short Courses as a form of intermediate and advanced teaching. At any rate they are a great way to learn more!

Teaset Mini

Make a cute teaset – teapot, tea cups, serving tray or saucers and spoons.

January 27th 10am

October 27th 10 am


Nerikome is the use of different coloured clay – lets explore this unique art!

February 17th 10 am

Advanced Throwing - Teapots

Make various styles of teapots, learn lids, spouts and galleries, and various ways to make them unique.

January 28th 6 pm

Advanced Throwing - Alter Forms

Learn how to alter forms by paddling, pushing, cutting, adding to, taking away from and joining.

February 18th 6 pm

Jewllery Mini

Explore porcelain and other clays to create unique jewellery.

April 21st 10 am

Decals and Lustre

Learn about decorating with decals, lustres  and metallics – you will need some bisque fired work,  as well as your own lustres and metals – we will provide limted decals and washi papers!

March 10th 10 am


Advanced Throwing - Joining Forms

throw multi part forms and join them to create striking pieces!

March 11th 6 pm

Advanced Throwing - Lidded Containers

Learn a variety of gallery and lid styles. Make interestin gforms to go with the lids!

April 22nd 6 pm

student sculpture

Sculpture Mini

Explore the coiling and pinching methods to create unique sculptoral work

May 12th 10 am


Create a series of unique planters – slab buildings, and coiling!

May 13th 6 pm


Advanced Throwing - Handles and Spoons

Throw interesting spoons, pull handles for the spoons. 

June 3rd 6 pm

Advanced Throwing - Sets

Learn to throw to spec – make sets that look the same!

July 15th 6pm

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