Meet the team

Nikki Brockett

Nicola Brocket has a talent for surface decoration and brings that into her teaching. Nicola’s journey with pottery started some time ago and over the years her passion with clay and having an outlet to channel her creative side, has grown to the extent that she has her own home studio and now teaches with care and dedication at Firebird Studios.

Cherie Noble

Cherie Noble has a love of sculpture and functional ceramics. Cherie has guided many students find their own creativity
helping them to develop skills and find their own style in ceramics so they can create what they desire. Cherie teaches all
aspects of ceramics at Firebird Studios including wheel, hand-building, sculpture and surface decoration.

Marcia Ghiggioli

I am passionate about all things pottery and I’ve been potting now for 34 years. I love wheel work and hand building alike and love teaching and sharing my knowledge and also learning a few new things along the way. 

Rick Bower

Rick started making pots in 1980 – he dicovered early he was hooked on throwing on the potter’s wheel.

He studied Ceramics at Monash University in 1987 and has since thrown 10’s of thousands of pots and been involved in exhibitions both in Australia and overseas. He has spent his life in and out of  everything pottery… he believes he has clay running in his veins.

Maree Topp

Porcelain Jewellery Teacher

Dani Parkin

Dani fell in love with the pottery at high school, always knowing that it would re-emerge into her life.  When she finally bought a wheel, she was initially self-taught, until a stint with a local potter, Cynthia Manietta, who taught her so much about clay, glazing, firing and throwing – enough to fully equip herself with a home studio. She loves making and trying new glazes, and has sold her work throughout Brisbane and Ipswich