Masterclasses for 2020

Hand Building Master Class

Design and Decoration Master Class

Potter’s Wheel Master Class 

Glaze Chemistry Master Class

Design & Make a Dinner Set Master Class

Mould Making and Slip Casting Master Class


Master Classes

Master classes are 10 week courses that take you from complete beginner to having some really good skill! We cover many areas of pottery and we help you make some amazing work!

 Hand Building Master Class

 Firebird Studios 10 week intensive course, Hand Building Master Class, will take you from beginner to competent hand building potter!

 Design & Decorate Master Class

Take your pottery to a completely professional level with this 10 week intensive course – Design and Decorate Master Class – learn the major decorating techniques, more about glaze and surface treatment, and delve deeper into a more professional approach to your work!

Potter’s Wheel Masterclass

The 10 Week Potter’s Wheel Masterclass is the one course where you can learn professional level techniques on the potter’s wheel – whether you are a complete beginner or someone who can “throw” but is stuck! Learn the best production throwing techniques that will help you skills develop even more! Skill development, of course, will take longer than 10 weeks, however this course is the best foundation you can have!

Glaze Chemistry Master Class

Glaze chemistry is a very complex field! In this 10 week course we break down complex glaze chemistry into more easily understood blocks. We will try to turn the on the light in the dark and mysterious world of glazes!

What you will gain from this course is the ability to take any glaze recipe, have a basic understanding of what the ingredients do, be able to manipulate the glaze with some level of expectation of results, and finally feel as though you are in control of all stages of your work. You will also have knowledge and skills to identify and correct glaze faults.

Design & Make A Dinner Set Master Class

Design and Make a Dinner Set is a professional level course that will guide you to discovering every aspect of designing ceramics for commission and delivering mood boards, proposals, and samples as well as a nice dinner set for you to take home!

Mould Making and Slip Casting

Slip casting is a very exciting field of ceramics. It is even more interesting when you learn how to make your own moulds, master basic slip casting and learn more adventurous techniques such as altering the cast form!

Alternative Firing Master Class

 This Masterclass is a series of weekend workshops held each winter! They are all long workshops – 6 hours plus – time to hang out with fellow potters, share a meal and even relax around a camp fire! The workshop series is offered as a Masterclass – you get an additional Terra Sigliata workshop exclusive to the Masterclass participants plus course notes and additional information regarding kiln building. Each year we build a different type of kiln too! 

pit firing

About Our Masterclasses

We are constantly looking for more ways to improve our course offerings and delivering the best pottery instruction available! Our goals is to develop potters with great skills and techniques and creativity! Our goals is to have our students grow into master potters who exhibit and sell their work either online, in stores or in person. We welcome your feedback and we implement as much as possible. Our courses are always being improved in content and delivery. 

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From Our Students

I have learnt more in three lessons from Lynda than I learnt in three years at another class! I call her “Pearl” – always got a pearl of wisdom to make my work better!


As a professional artist looking to expand into clay, I respect the skills and knowledge I am finding at Firebird Studios.


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