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10 week wheel mc term 1 2020
4 week wheel 3 feb
Beg Wheel WS 25 Feb
Beg Wheel WS Feb 8
Beg Wheel WS Mar 7
Boxes WS 22 Feb
Coil n Sculpt Jan 11
Dinner Set WS Feb 29
Dinner Set WS March 28
Glaze 101 Term 1 2020
Intro To Pottery 5 wk March 2
Intro to Pottery L1-2 Term One
Intro to Pottery L3 Term 1
Intro to Wheel 11 jan 20
Open Studio 2019
Pinch Pot WS March 21
Planters WS 1 Feb
Planters WS Jan 18
Porc pt 1 Feb 18
Teachers & Interns 2020

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