Make Pretty Festive Bells or Chimes Workshop


Here is an extra special Bells and Windchimes Workshop! You will handmake a set of bells or a windchime to hang at the door for Christmas.
These would also make a very special gift for someone you love – particularly someone hard to buy for.

Use a few different techniques to mould and form your soft clay into pieces of beauty that you can string together here in the Studio at a later date… then take them home and hang them for all to admire!

Clay bells and chimes make such a beautiful sound! All materials are provided and all tools and props are at your fingertips to ensure you create something very special.
You can select your clay type, decorate as you desire, and add a pop of colour to your finished pieces.
Our studio will quality check, sand, glaze and twice fire your pieces before you come to collect and string your creation together.

Don’t miss out on this super special workshop. Bring a couple of good friends and each take a forever piece home with you.