Make a Pottery Pet Bowl Set


Make a Pottery Pet Bowl Set.
How cute would it be to see your Puss or your Pup lapping and dining from bowls that you made for them yourself??
Here is your chance to make funky, stylish bowl to suit the size of your cherished pet. (Max size 22cm wide)
Your teacher will help you design your pieces, and show you how to create a Water Bowl and a Food bowl …AND you can personalize it with their name! No matter the size of your pet, we can make it perfect. We will even have a selection of different clay for you to choose from.
Come with a friend and share the experience… Clay is the perfect way to spend time with friends, listen to a bit of music and create, create, create! And your 4-legged friend will have a forever piece that you made for them.
All materials will be provided. We will quality check your finished pieces, fire them twice, sand them if required, and glaze them for you – all ready for collection.