Long Workshops

Firebird Studios offers a variety of longer intensive workshops – between 4 hours and 2 days!

Raku and reduction firings are frequent as well as pit firing during winter!

Our Longer Workshops

Firebird Studios holds regular workshops in all aspects of pottery. Most are suitable for beginners, while some expore special advanced topics as “intensive” workshops, suitable for experienced potters.

Glaze Chemistry 2 Day Intensive

In this two day intensive workshop you will learn the basics of glaze, what makes colour in ceramics, and how to find and investigate your own recipes!

Mould Making 2 Day Intensive

Learn the baiscs of making moulds and slip casting. Make a simple drop out mould and a simple two part mould. Learn to make casting slip. Learn how to pour and trim moulded work.

Advanced Throwing 2 Day Intensive

Learn to make sets, fitted items, altered items, thrown and assemble items and combine thown and hand built elements. Use texturing methods, carve and stamp thrown work, and a lot more. The individual events will describew the work we will do in each workshop.

Using Colour One Day Intensive

Find all the ways to brighten up your work, from natural themes through to brights, using glazes, engobes, washi, underglazes and layering.

Kilns One Day Intensive

The secrets to successful firing of gas and electric kilns. 

We talk about electric kiln faults and trouble shooting, kiln controllers, managing kiuln programs and different ramps and settings.

We will load electric bisque and glaze kilns, discussing props, shelves, maintenance, packing, safety and more.

In the afternoon we will go to our other workshop and discuss gas kilns, firing requirements, certification requirements, etc. Different loading and firing schedules and the difference between oxidation and reduction firing cycles.


Raku Firings

Our Raku firings are held almost every month. It is a small fee plus a per weight firing fee. Each person should be able to fire at least three pieces in the 3 – 4 hour firing. 

Reduction Firings – Cone 6

We will be doing regular reduction firings at cone 6 thorughout the year. Most articipants will be able to fire 3 medium sized pieces. Small fee plus per weight of work fired.

Pit Firing

Pit firing is is a lot of fun. We load the pots intot he pit, light the fire, and eat a meal before the pit is left to smoulder all night. Next morning we can come and unpack it!


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