Level 2 Supervised Free Expression Wheel


So often wheel throwers spend years just sitting at a wheel and churning out random shapes, trimming them willy-nilly and never really developing a method, or learning how to achieve a consistent form or style.

Join Marcia to set you on a path to discovering your true potential behind the wheel!

She will inspire and guide you, with quality wisdom, to set out with intention and achieve some of your best work yet.
This is suitable for an intermediate or advanced thrower. If you can centre and open 8oog of clay then you are welcome to join this class. Studio clay is available for your first class, but you will need to bring your preferred clay after the first lesson. We have some clay in our clay store which you are welcome to purchase. This is also a good chance for you to start a collection of your own tools for your future as a potter as we all have our favourite tools. Your teacher will help you select the right tools too.

This is an extension course for people who have completed our Beginners course or our !0 Week Wheel course, who have the bug… and a desire to learn more with guidance.

The final week of this course is to glaze your bisque-work and ensure the rest of your work is in the kiln room ready to bisque. This includes final trimming, attaching handles, lugs and knobs.
As a bonus for the first 4 weeks of our wheel classes, you will have a 2 hour block of studio time each week, to come and practice and work on your class projects.

After the 5 weeks, studio staff will glaze any unfinished work ready for you to collect.