Potters Wheel Short Course

The Potters Wheel Short Course is a great entrance course for those who want to dip their toes (or should we say hands!) into the wheel without committing to a Masterclass! 


Potters Wheel Short Course

The Potters Wheel Short Course is a 5 week immersion into the very basic skills required to make simple pots on the potters wheel – “throwing”

You will learn about preparing clay, centering, opening, making cylinders and bowls. You will also learn to make bottles and simple lidded containers!

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Week One

  • About clay
  • Clay preparation
  • Wedging
  • Recycling
  • How the wheel works
  • Centring
  • Opening

Week Two

  • Basic trimming
  • Centring
  • Opening
  • Coning
  • Pulling
  • Cylinders & Bowls

Week Three

  • Trimming a foot ring
  • Adding a handle
  • Throwing on a bat ring
  • Plates and shallow bowls

Week Four

  • Trimming plates
  • Bottles
  • Lids and Galleries

Week Five

  • Trimming lids 
  • Practice weak points
  • Glaze pots

Where to from here?

You can continue to learn at your own pace with a membership to Open Studios.

You could do a hand building course

You could go on and develop your skills further with a Master Class

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