Introduction to Pottery Short Course

Reduced to $535 (from $590.00)

This short course is a wonderful opportunity to get acquainted to clay as we cover some of the most common hand building methods!

You will also learn the basics of underglazes and glazing your work.

Here is what you will learn:


  • About clay
  • Flatware – rolling clay the many tricks for success
  • Texture for decoration – make your makers mark stamp
  • Make simple slump plates
  • Make Japanese press plates


  • Pinch pots – make candle holders, tea light holders or mini succulent pots
  • Slip casting – learn about slip and coloured clay
  • Make a cup or bowl


  • Coil build project – make a planter,  bowl, or vase!
  • Learn about underglazing and dipping in clear glaze


  • Learn about slab building
  • Make a set of slab built cups
  • Learn about the rules of using the coloured glazes


  • Have a lesson using the potters wheel
  • Make a couple of masterpieces on the wheel
  • Finish up anything that still need finishing
  • Finish up glazing
  • Admire your work!

The course includes all of your materials and firing, a set of tools to keep.

This course will teach you enough skills that you can move into Community Clay and have enough confidence to keep making and learning. 

Please bring your own hand towel to class!