Intermediate and Advanced 10 Week Wheel Throwing Course


Take your throwing to another whole level with our Advanced Wheel Throwing Course – designed to fine-tune your throwing ability and learn a whole bunch along the way!

At some point, a potter will take a step toward intentionally defining what they want to do with their journey, rather than just sitting at the wheel producing whatever comes about. Here is your chance to think about the direction you want to head, define your pottery pathway, and get into the pottery community. 

This course is a project-based course, allowing you the flexibility to work on your own projects or be guided through shared class-based projects. It’s a journey that will take your wheel-throwing abilities to a whole new level, designed to refine your skills and expand your knowledge.

Meet our Advanced wheel throwing teachers:

  • Rick Bower, boasting over 40 years of throwing expertise, offers quick and valuable advice, sharing tips for honing your throwing skills. 
  • Dani Parkin, a potter with 12 years of experience and a remarkable talent for wheel throwing. She is eager to impart her craft to aspiring potters.

What do I need?

Please bring your own clay to this course, along with a towel, and an open mind ready to absorb knowledge and skills.

We will mostly be making functional ware, so consider your style and needs before you come. This will help you throw with purpose.

Firing and all other necessary materials are included in the course. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey of advanced wheel throwing.

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