Intermediate & Advanced Potters Wheel Short Course

Take your throwing skills to a new level with this 5 week course!

Intermediate & Advanced Potters Wheel Short Course

This 5 week throwing course is suitable for people who can center and control their clay on the potter’s wheel.

It will take you through the skills involved in throwing teapots, altering forms, joining multiple thrown pieces, closed forms, lids and galleries, and a lot more skills that will help your throwing skills develop even further.

Term Two

Term Three

Term Four

Week One

  • Throw the parts for a Japanese teapot set – using 1kg for the base and 1.5 kg for the teapot, on a bat ring, making two cups, the spout, lid and handle off the mound!
  • Ensuring the teapot fits snugly on the base
  • Piercing the base
  • Decoration technique of using slip for texture

Week Two

  • Trim and assemble the teapot set
  • Throw closed forms – circle vases/teapots/etc
  • Throw bases and spouts for the ring forms

Week Three

  • Trim and assemble the ring project
  • Throw three lidded containers with 1.5kg clay (lid off the mound)
  • Alter the forms ensuring the galleries stay round
  • Throw a bottle with 800g clay for carving and paddling next week

Week Four

  • Trim and finish the lidded containers
  • Paddle and carve the bottle
  • Throw a multi part light shade – base and parts to join together
  • Throw the base for a thrown/hand built form

Week Five

  • Trim and assemble the light shade
  • Roll or coil the addition to the thrown form.
  • Finish any other work


Where to from here? 

Come to Open Studio to continue to develop your work.

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