Get stuck into your own projects!

You can use all of our materials when you work in the Open Studio on your own projects! We stock a good variety of midfire clay and we have a great selection of Firebird Studios own glazes. We recommend Mayco stoneware glazes if you would like to bring your own brushing glazes. You just need your own set of tools and a hand towel! We don’t teach you how to do your projects – you should have basic hand buidling or potters wheel tecniques under your belt – however, we have teachers, interns and staff on hand to help with some of the tougher questions!

pottery-vases  student work painting

 student work

You can make anything!

Open Studios is more supported than working alone – there is someone around to answer your questions!

You don’t need a fancy set up – we have it all here for you – just need your owns tools and a hand towel. No need to spend lots of money on equipment first!

You don’t need to buy your own clay or glazes (you can if you wish though!). 

Materials and firing cost is a single simple fee fo $10 per kg finished weight!

There is a wonderful community of friends developing in many of the sessions – when you are regular your peers support you too!

There are two primary ways to use Open Studio bookings:

1)  When you are enrolled in a course you get a coupon code to make Open Studio Bookings free – as part of your course you have unliited access to Open Studio times to continue working on your class work. The coupon code lasts fro two weeks fter your last class and allows time for getting your final work through the bisque kiln and glazed. Most of the time it will be around one to two weeks to get your final work through the kiln. Pop in and pick up your work two weeks after you glazed your last pot!

2) Open Studio sessions are casually booked in the area you are looking to book in to – Thrower’s Nook or Open Studio. From either of these bookings you can also glaze your work. When Open Studio is available the base number is for 8 people – during COVID we have reduced it to 4 in the Open Studio area in front of reception and when there are no classes a further 6 in the Teaching Room. Thrower’s Nook is always 6 people when available. Of course, the wheels aren’t available during throwing classes! Open Studio booking are paid online ($30) at the time of booking (beginning October 1st). You can manage your own booking (eg reschedule it) if you have created an account (don’t choose checkout as a guest, make an account!). 

Thrower’s Nook

Open Studio 

Bookings are all done and paid for online!

Open Studio Bookings

If doing another course is not in your time, or budget just now – why not come into Open Studios and keep you pottery experience alive!