Hand Buidling Short Course

Learn the major hand building techniques and make some amazing pottery!

Flatware, pinch pots, press plates, slab building and slip casting!

Hand Building Short Course

The Hand Building Short Course delves into the making of pottery making pottery by hand.

You will learn about the different types of clay, how to roll clay, pinch, coil and slab build.

You will make plates, planters, cups, mugs, and a vase.


Start Dates For 2021 

Week One

  • About clay
  • Rolling clay by hand
  • Creating & using textures
  • Various flatware plates and bowls
  • Japanese Press Plates

Week Two

  • Pinch Pots – candle holders or bells
  • Slip Cast a Keep Cup
  • Obtaining a professional finish
  • Clay cycle – make, bisque, glaze, glaze fire

Week Three

  • Slab building
  • Make a set of slab built cups
  • Rules of glazing
  • Glaze work

Week Three

  • Coil Building project – vase, jug, planter, sculpture
  • Underglaze and clear glaze
  • Glaze your work

Week Five

  • Slab or pinch pot a beautiful trinket box
  • Finish glazing your work

Where to from here?

You can continue to learn at your own pace with a membership to Open Studios.

You could try your hand at “throwing” on the Potter’s Wheel

You could go on and develop your skills further with a Master Class

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