Hand Building Master Class

From beginner to advanced

Learn all the main hand building techniques

Develop your skills

 Learn basic decoration techniques

Hand Building Master Class

10 Week Hand Building Master Class.

You will learn slab building, pinch potting, coiling and slip casting in this course. As you develop your skills the complexity of the work increases. By the end of the course you will be amazed at how far you have come in in you skills and finesse.

Learn basic decoration techniques and take home work you will be proud of!


2021 Hand Building Masterclass Start Dates and Bookings:


Week One

  • Introduction to clay
  • Handling, recycling
  • Getting around the studio and OH&S
  • Rolling clay by hand
  • Using texture
  • Flatware

Week Two

  • Japanese press plates
  • Free form platters
  • Joined plates
  • Using coloured slip and sgraffito

 Week Three

  • Sgraffito
  • Pinch Pots
  • Begin the tea set
  • Consider design and decoration
  • Consider glaze effects

 Week Four

  • Complete the tea set
  • Make tea spoons
  • Make serving spoons
  • Glazing basics

Week Five

  • Make a mug set
  • Make a travel mug by slip casting and using a coloured slip decoratio


Week Six

  • Slab build a small jewellery box
  • Pinch pot a small box

Week Seven

  • Coil build a planter
  • Sculpt a figurine or small bust

 Week Eight

  • Advanced slab building project
  • You choose your project

Week Nine

  • Introduction to Porcelain jewellery
  • Finishing Work

Week Ten

  • Review
  • Glazing
  • Photographing

Congratulations – you have already learned more techniques than most people have in years of handbuilding. You should keep practicing either by enrolling for Open Studios, or setting up a little space at home – we can do you firing!

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