Hand Building 10 Week Course


In our Hand Building 10 Week Course, you’ll master all core pottery hand building techniques. We’ll cover slab building, pinch pots, coiling, and slip casting, progressively increasing the complexity of your projects. By the end of the course, you’ll be astonished at your growth in skill and finesse, and we encourage you to explore your unique style. 

Additionally, you’ll have access to the Open Studio for practice and to further refine your masterpieces.

Highlights of the Course:

Week One

  • Clay introduction and handling
  • Studio orientation and safety
  • Creating a home workspace
  • Hand-rolling clay
  • Adding texture with potter’s mark stamps
  • Crafting flatware

Week Two

  • Exploring Japanese press plates
  • Crafting free-form platters
  • Joining plates
  • Using colored slip and sgraffito for decoration

Week Three

  • Mastering pinch pots
  • Beginning a tea set project
  • Considering design and decoration
  • Exploring glaze effects

Week Four

  • Completing the tea set
  • Crafting tea spoons
  • Creating a matching platter
  • Learning glazing basics

Week Five

  • Making a mug set
  • Slip casting a keep cup

Week Six

  • Constructing a small jewelry box through slab building
  • Crafting a small box with pinch pot techniques

Week Seven

  • Coiling to create a planter
  • Sculpting a figurine or small bust

Week Eight

  • Taking on an advanced slab building project of your choice

Week Nine

  • Introduction to porcelain jewelry crafting
  • Finalizing your work

Week Ten

  • Completing all your pieces
  • Glazing
  • Photographing your creations

What do I need? 

This course includes all necessary materials, a set of tools for you to keep, firings, and more. Just remember to bring your own hand towel for the course.