Glaze Chemistry Master Class

Introduction to the wonderful world of Glaze Chemistry

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Basic Recipes and Bucket Level Testing


Glaze Chemistry Master Class

10 Week Glaze Chemistry Master Class

In this course you will learn basic glaze chemistry – why glazes do what they do – what works, why it works, and why it doesn’t work.

You will learn about the raw materials, fluxes, colourants, opacifiers, and more

Glaze faults, why and how to correct them

Basic formulation and bucket level testing

Different types of glaze – atmospheric conditions, firing cycles, temperatures, and more….

Week One

  • Introduction
  • What is glaze
  • What elements are required
  • Making test tiles
  • Gathering materials and equipment
  • OH&S
  • Materials Storage

Week Two

  • Clear Glaze – pick a clear glaze and try to opacify it
  • Opacifiers
  • Basics of formulations
  • Changing glaze tests at the bucket level

 Week Three

  • Matt or satin glaze – pick a satin glaze and try to make it clear
  • Fluxes
  • Refining bucket level testing
  • Improving formula calculation

 Week Four

  • Organic oxide (dioxide and carbonate, etc) colourants
  • Red Iron Oxide
  • Cobalt Carbonate
  • Test the clear glaze with your opacifyer
  • Test your matt glaze with your flux

Week Five

  • Test your bucket glazes with:
  • Chrome
  • Copper

Week Six

  • Test your bucket glaze with:
  • Manganese
  • Nickel

Week Seven

  • Add rutile flour to your saturated glazes
  • Catch up colourant testing

 Week Eight

  • Using stains
  • Extemding the colour pallette 
  • Use you best base glaze (clear or matt base)

Week Nine

  • Combining Glazes
  • Glaze faults and correcting them
  • How to do an x/y axis test

Week Ten

  • Review
  • Final samples
  • Discussion on where to from here…

There is no avoiding chemisty when dealing with glazes, however, we have kept this course relatively simple! YOu will be amazed at how much you can look back on your learning and discover better ways to make and use your own glazes, and extend/understand commercial glazes!

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