Dirty Day Drinking with Clay – Sip & Clay


Looking for a unique and fun way to spend your afternoon? Join us for a pottery adventure with a twist – the potter’s wheel paired with wine! It’s the perfect outing with friends or family.

Immerse yourself in 2 hours of learning the art of throwing pots on a potter’s wheel while savoring your favorite drink. It’s a fantastic blend of creativity, laughter, sips, and a bit of messiness – all in one enjoyable package!

Feel free to bring your own drinks (BYO) to enhance the experience. You’ll have the pleasure of sipping from our “eclectic cup collection,” adding a special touch to your time here.

Our experienced teacher will guide you through the 8-step process of creating beautiful pots on the wheel. Once you’ve crafted your pieces, our studio will take care of trimming the bottoms (don’t hesitate to ask us about this step!), firing them twice, and hand-glazing them. In just 2-3 weeks, you’ll return to collect your charming pottery creations.

Reserve your spot for this class and invite a few friends to share in the excitement. We provide all the necessary clay and tools, along with music and expert instruction to ensure a memorable experience.