Design & Decorate Master Class

Experienced hand building required

Project based 

Work from a design brief


Design & Decorate Master Master Class

10 Week Design & Decorate Master Class.

This course is project based. There are 6 projects to complete over the 10 weeks of the course. Each week you receive a design brief for the work to be done – how you execute it is up to you.

The design brief will lead you through a series of advanced hand building techniques and deep dive into the decorating techniques of sgraffito, washi transfers, nerikome, slip trailing piercing and carving.

You will also be required to prepare a mood board for each project and finish your work off with photographs!


Week One

  • Design and make a set of bottles, no more than 10cm tall, for sgraffito
  • Apply engobes

Week Two

  • Begin the execution of the sgraffito design on your work

 Week Three

  • Design and make 4 dishes with foot rings
  • Decorate with washi
  • Ensure decoration is “unique”

 Week Four

  • Using porcelain nerikome 
  • Design and build three small hand built forms

Week Five

  • Design and build a slab built coffee or tea set
  • Use slip trailing to enhance texture
  • Combine decoration elements for interest

Week Six

  • Finish slab built tea or coffee set

Week Seven

  • Spoons
  • Elaborate lidded container
  • Wall hanging
  • Choose decoration

 Week Eight

  • Piercing and carving
  • Build three tealights or candle holders with piercing and carving

Week Nine

  • Finish and glaze your work
  • Construct multi media pieces

Week Ten

  • Review
  • Finish glazing
  • Photographing

You should have a wonderful portfolio once this course is finished!

Now move into Open Studio and keep building on your favourite direction


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