Decoration Short Course

Take a deeper dive into the fascinating world of pottery decoration.

Learn techniques such as sgraffito, slip trailing and using slip for texture, nerikome and neriage, wax resist, layering, 


Decoration Short Course

The Decoration Short Course is for those who want to learn more about some of the decorating techniques used in pottery. It is suitable for hand builders and throwers alike.

You will need freshly made work, leather hard work and sometimes bisque fired work for the classes – there is limited focus on teaching how to make your work – the full focus is on learning is basic decoration techniques.

Prerequisites – You should be able to make basic forms on the wheel or by hand – at least an Introduction to Pottery or Introduction to the Wheel Short Course!


Week One

  • Using coloured slip
  • Make a plate or vase
  • Cover it with slip
  • Design for sgraffito

Week Two

  • Begin the sgraffito
  • Layering slip and underglazes
  • Washi transfers
  • Slip Trailing

Week Three

  • Carving and Piercing
  • Make a piece to be pierced
  • Make a piece to be carved
  • Make a piece for wax resist for next week

Week Four

  • Finish piercing and carving work
  • Using wax resist – to texture dry clay
  • Wax resist – glazing and layering

Week Five

  • Nerikome and Neriage
  • How to block up coloured clay
  • using those blocks to build with or to decorate
  • Porcelain


In this course you learn to go beyond just dunking your pots into a bucket of glaze!

You will become a much more capable and interesting potter!

Please indicate your interest for the Deoration Short Course using the form.


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