Create a Dinner Setting Workshop


Picture opening your cupboard and finding a stunning collection of dinnerware, all expertly crafted by your own hands, and imagine reaching for a cereal bowl, knowing you shaped it yourself!

Join our workshop and turn this vision into reality as we guide you through creating a personalized dinner set for a single place setting. During this hands-on experience, you’ll craft three unique pieces. We’ll start by exploring various textures and design concepts before moving on to create a plate, a side plate, and either a bowl or a cup.

You’ll work with high-quality clay, and our experienced instructor will offer expert guidance throughout the process.

What should I bring?

Yourself! This workshop includes all materials, and our dedicated studio team will meticulously inspect and sand your pieces. We’ll fire and glaze your creations twice, ensuring they are ready for you to collect once they’re finished.

Why not invite some friends to join you and make a day of it? It’s a creative adventure you won’t want to miss!