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We teach every aspect of pottery

From Introduction level through to becoming a professional potter

We have helped dozens of potters get started on a new career path.


Firebird Studios Professional Level Course Structure


The best place to start is with our Introduction to Pottery Course

This course pogresses to two 10 Week Masterclass Streams – Hand Building and the Potters Wheel

Our PREMIER course that extends from the two Masterclass Streams is the Design and Decorate Masterclass

After the Des Dec Masterclass we offer a series of Advanced courses in Glaze Chemistry, Mould Making, Advanced Decoration, Intermediate/Advanced Potters Wheel, Kilns and Firing

We also offer various Introductory level courses in Sculpture, Potters Wheel, Dinner Sets, and Porcelain Jewelley

In our Master Potter Series of ONLINE classes we cover Selling on Etsy, social Media for Potters, Selling Online for Potters, Establishing Your Own Studio, and more added as our students progress!

Introduction to Pottery

This course introduces complete beginners into the world of making things with clay! 

We cover the basic methods of hand building and wheel throwing giving a taste of the areas that you will dive into more depth through Masterclasses.



If you want to achieve the most in your pottery learning, you will opt to do our Masterclass series. We offer Masterclasses in Hand Building, Wheel Throwing, starting at the beginning and building your skills over the 10 weeks of the courses. Our PREMIER course is the Design and Decorate Masterclass which follows on from either the throwing or hand building courses.

Advanced Courses

Firebird Studios offers professional level training for spiring potters. Part of this journey is learning about Glaze Chemistry, Mould Making, Kilns and Firing, Advanced Decorating Techniques, Intermediate and Advanced Potters Wheel and more….

Other Introduction level Courses

We also offer even more Introduction level Courses – or Electives for serious learners – Sculpture, Dinner Set, Porcelain Jewellery Making, Potters Wheel and other subjects from time to time.

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