Corporate Events

Lynda Lehmann, Firebird Studio’s master potter, is an experienced business coach. It is natural to fuse her passion for personal development in the workplace with her pottery business.

Corporate Ceramics Workplace Experience

Firebird Studios comes to your workplace for a team building and personal development experience with clay! 

What we do:

  • Brainstorm corporate values, change models or whatever else is going on at the time
  • Work up an expression of that vision as a team
  • Create a three dimensional mural or a sculpted totem pole
  • Each person in the team chooses a value or idea and expresses that idea how they see it.
  • Individuals model their expression¬†

How we do it:

  • We come to your workplace with all materials
  • We will have discussed the requirements and subject matter beforehand
  • Lynda leads the brainstorming session
  • Lynda guides the making of a group mural or totem¬†
  • Instruction for making in clay
  • We take all work away with us
  • The work is allowed to dry and is finished by us at Firebird Studios
  • We bring it back around three weeks later mounted and presented!

What is included:

  • All materials
  • Leadership on the day
  • All work after the event to complete your project!

What makes a great event:

  • A few drinks and nibbles
  • A purpose (the experience is fun and helps to create buy-in)
  • A few hours free on a Friday afternoon!

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