Community Clay

  • Exclusive membership to use the Firebird Studio as your own
  • Building a community of clay creatives!
  • Suitable for intermediate and advanced potters to create pottery unassisted
  • Self directed exploration of all things clay

A unique offering that provides an Open Studio for you to use whenever you want to. Just bring your own clay and the tools you have and find a spare wheel or a space at the tables. You can create to your heart’s desire.


Book for Term Two HERE

Firebird Studios Community Clay is open for students and potters to come and explore their own clay projects and ideas.

Open hours for Firebird Studios:

  • Monday – Thursday 9 am – 9 pm (If arriving after 7pm, please just let us know in Advance)
  • Friday 9 am – 5 pm
  • Saturday 9 am – 1 pm

Community Clay members are welcome to come in and stay as long as they like when we are open.

During class times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and evenings and workshops on Saturday mornings, please be mindful of the classes taking place. The teachers are teaching and are not available for Open Studio questions.  If possible – please try to reserve your visits to Mondays, Fridays, and the afternoons of the teaching days, up to 6 pm. Please remember, we are closed from 1 pm on Saturdays!

**These sessions are self directed, so you should have some experience with clay! There will be staff members on hand, however please be mindful of their commitments to the entire studio and the general running of a busy studio. This is Open Studio time and should not be considered Private Lesson time. If you require extended 1 on 1 time then talk to us and we find a suitable class for you to attend. We highly recommend that you at least attend one of our Introduction courses!

Community Clay Guidelines:

  • You will need your own clay and tools.
  • You are welcome to use our glazes.
  • Please use your own underglazes, slips and colourants after you have trialed your designs with ours.
  • Please take your clay home with you.
  • Your work must be marked with your name if left on the drying shelves
  • Pease leave a bag and a name label on wet clay left on the drying table. This way we know to bag it and label it for you before we leave for the day.
  • We only hold your work on any shelf for 6 weeks!
  • Your name or mark should be on every piece you put into the kiln room.
  • Your firing fees are discounted to $10/kg at the end of all firings, instead of $8/kg for bisque plus $10/kg for glaze! If you join a course after you have paid for Community Clay you will get a credit towards your course of $20 per week for the remaining weeks of the Term. ****
  • Community Clay is term based – 10 weeks – regardless of the weeks attended. If we are open through the Queensland School Holidays you will be advised of the hours via the Newsletter and are welcome to attend during these reduced hours.

**** These prices are valid from 19th April, 2022.