Classes & Courses for 2020

Introduction to Pottery – Level 1,  Level 2 & Level 3

Potter’s Wheel Master Class & Mini Courses

Glaze Chemistry 101

Mould Making 101

Slip Casting – 101 & 102

Design, Develop & Make a Dinner Set

Getting Online – Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce & Social Media

Advanced Decoration

Kilns & Firing

Sculpture & Mixed Media

Open Studio Classes



 Introduction to Pottery – Make, Decorate & Consolidate

The best way to start your pottery journey is with our amazing Introduction to Pottery courses. Between Stage One – Make, Stage Two – Decorate, and Stage 3 – Consolidate, we introduce you all of the basic hand building and decorating techniques and then take you by the hand as you develop those skills. Small group and focused teaching.

This course is the perfect introduction to pottery skills before joining Open Studio Classes.

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Potter’s Wheel Masterclass

The 10 Week Potter’s Wheel Masterclass is the one course where you can learn professional level skills on the potter’s wheel. 

“Throwing” on the potter’s wheel is an artisan skill normally built up over years. Your teacher will guide you through the basics over a 10 week course. By the end you will have the concepts and knowledge to throw practically anything you choose, and understand how to throw to “spec” – predetermined finished product measurements! Just like a pro! It will just take practice!

Throwing is a fine motor skill that takes time to build up. We give you a 10 class pass for Open Studio (valued at $300) included in your course fees so you can come in and practice in a non-throwing course Open Studio time!

We also offer short 4 Week Mini Courses on the Potters Wheel – in this course you can expect to get comfortable with the basics of making cups and bowls.

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Glaze Chemistry 101

Glaze chemistry is a very complex field! In this 10 week course we break down complex glaze chemistry into more easily understood blocks. We will try to turn the light on in the dark and mysterious world of glazes!

What you will gain from this course is the ability to take any glaze recipe, have a basic understanding of what the ingredients do, be able to manipulate the glaze with some level of expectation of results, and finally feel as though you are in control of all stages of your work. You will also have knowledge and skills to identify and correct glaze faults.

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Design & Make A Dinner Set

Design and Make a Dinner Set is a professional level course. We work through the design brief, researching and creating a mood board. We then consider the clay, glaze formulations, textures and patterns required to create your work. Any moulds, textures, or manufacturing props that are required are gathered or made.

The dinner set will include a four person setting with dinner plate, side plate, dessert bowl, soup bowl and cup and saucer, A serving platter, sushi set, coffee or tea pot, sugar or honey pot, creamer or gravy boat will also be made. Extra considerations might include a casserole dish, and matching table decoration items such as decorative spoons, candle holders and decorations.

This 10 week course will guide you to discovering every aspect of designing ceramics for commission and delivering mood boards, proposals, and samples!

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Mould Making and Slip Casting

Slip casting is a very exciting field of ceramics. It is even more interesting when you learn how to make your own moulds, master basic slip casting and learn more adventurous techniques such as altering the cast form!

Mould Making 101 – 5 Week Intensive Course –  Create plugs for a simple drop out mould and a basic two part mould and then mould them.

Slip Casting 101 – 5 Week Intensive Course – Learn the basics of slip casting – making slip casting clay, care of the moulds, cleaning up the work, firing and glazing

Slip Casting 102 – 5 Week Intensive Course – Extend your casting skills – altering the form, more advanced decorative techniques, joining moulded parts and more!

Each course is offered as a stand alone unit, however it would be beneficial to take the three courses together!

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Selling Your Work Online

A major aim of Firebird Studios is to create competent potters who sell their work and artists who exhibit. 

Options for selling your work are through commissioned work, through shops and cafes, markets, galleries and online.

This is an in depth 10 week course that explores all options, but really focuses on the online aspect.

We will develop our range of connected and complimentary work, brand ourselves, open or enhance social media sites and discover how to best utilize those sites. 

Now we are ready to open out Etsy store and explore the pros and cons of Shopify vs WooCommerce. Additionally we will look at other less obvious but very important selling avenues such as Ebay and Amazon!

Classes will be conducted at Firebird Studios – you will need a laptop computer and phone. We will be doing a little clay work and a lot of practical work building your social media and online shops.

We also offer a shorter course on Selling On Etsy.

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Websites and Marketing

Everyone is a little scared of building out a website and then setting up the social media to support their sales online.

This course will delve more deeply into using WordPress and WooCommerce to set up your store as well as the more intricate social media and marketing strategies.

We also go into making a Facebook Business Page and linking your store to Facebook. If you want you can even establish a group on Facebook.

Instagram is a favorite platform for selling your work and we will show you how to set a business account, and maximise your reach.

Lastly we’ll go through how to run ads on these two platforms, how to get low cost click throughs and to ensure you get a great return on investment should you choose to run paid ads.

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Advanced Decorating

This course delves deeply into combining clay body, texture, glazes, washi, screen printing, image transfers, engobes, sgraffito, and more to create exhibition worthy truly unique works of art.

It is run as a 10 week intensive and a 4 week mini course.

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Kilns & Firing

Throughout winter we run a series of workshops centred around alternative firing methods. These workshops can be signed up for sepearately or purchased together as a complete course!

We normally fire in an electric kiln to 1220C. In these modules we explore gas firing in reduction atmoshpere, saggar firing in the gas kiln, raku firing, building a small wood kiln and firing a wood kiln, and pit firing. These are long workshops!

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Open Studio Classes

Open Studio Classes are suitable for Intermediate to Advanced pottery students.

If you have never done any pottery, or it’s been a while – get started in our “Introduction to Pottery” intensive courses, above. If you have done the Introduction to Pottery courses, or you have some previous experience, you can join the Firebird Studios Open Studio Classes.

In these classes students work in the direction they are most interested in – all skills will build up as you work on your own projects! Advanced techniques will be demonstrated from time to time. The teacher is on hand to help perfect your techniques and guide you in the methods used to create your project. Get creative and start exploring all the possibilities in clay!

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Open Studio Membership

Firebird Studios offers a membership level for Open Studios

A monthly fee of $150 give unlimited access to Open Studio times, as well as 25% discount on courses, workshops, and materials/firing charges. 

To qualify for the discounts, Members must enrol for a minimum term of 3 months, or if wishing to use their discounts before three months, pay for the 3 month membership minimum term up front.

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Made by Students

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Classes?

Courses and Classes vary in cost, depending upon the average amount of resources used in each class. See each type of class main page for more details.

When Are Open Studio Classes Held?

Classes are held on weekday mornings, weekday evenings and some Saturdays and are either 2 hours or 3 hours long.

Where Is Firebird Studios Located?

Firebird Studios is located at Unit 4 / 6 Ramly Drive, Burleigh Heads.

The studio is the rear left unit, entry is via the little pergola and garden! There are 8 car parks available, plus on street parking.

What Is Included - What Do I Need To Bring?

Courses and Workshops are usually fully inclusive of clay, glaze and firing and often sets of tools to keep! 

Open Studios – you can use the clay, glazes and firing services provided at Firebird Studios – a simple fee of $10 per kg of finished work covers the cost of materials.

Many students begin to collect their won tools and colourants for their own preferences as they become familiar with what they like to do! 

Firing Costs

Firebird Studios Firing Costs

Many courses and workshops are fully inclusive of clay, colourings, glazes and two firings.

When firing is not included:

NB  – All firing must be paid for even if the work failed, you don’t like it or don’t want it!

Open Studio Class Students:

Using Firebird Studios clay, colourants and glazes (all clay except Porcelain and Keane’s Black clay) – $10/kg finished work ($4/kg bisque, $6/kg glaze) 

Using your own clay, colourants and glazes (all clay – MUST be mid-fire clay) – $7/kg finished work ($3/kg bisque, $4/kg glaze) 

Firebird Studio Members:

Using Firebird Studios clay, colourants and glazes (all clay except Porcelain and Keane’s Black clay) – $7/kg finished work ($3/kg bisque, $4/kg glaze)

Using your own clay, colourants and glazes (all clay) – $5/kg finished work ($2/kg bisque, $3/kg glaze)

Full kiln hire:

$100 +GST bisque

$110 +GST cone 6 glaze

$120 +GST cone 8+ glaze


How Can I Enrol?

Enrolment for all classes and courses is online through the Schedule page – each course/class will show the number of places still available. 

You may also save a place by emailing Lynda on info@firebirdstudios.com.au

Regular Open Studio Class students can reserve their place in a class – non attendance for four weeks will result in losing the reservation.


How Can I Pay?

Card or PayPal online

Card or cash in person


What Will I Be Making?

In courses and masterclasses you will make the curriculum pieces, however you can most definitely add your own flair and character!

In Open Studio Classes, the direction you take with your work is up to you. You should have sufficient skills and knowledge to work mostly on your own. One or two teachers and assistants are usually on hand to help you.


Research ideas on Pinterest. Then the teacher can guide you along to create your ideas! Discussions on surface treatment, colour options and glazing options form part of the discovery.

Firebird Studios also runs a lot of workshops to explore more advanced ideas like mould making, porcelain jewellery and raku firing, etc. Avail yourself of these to learn even more!


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From Our Students

I have learnt more in three lessons from Lynda than I learnt in three years at another class! I call her “Pearl” – always got a pearl of wisdom to make my work better!


As a professional artist looking to expand into clay, I respect the skills and knowledge I am finding at Firebird Studios.


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