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Introduction to Pottery

The best way to start your pottery journey is with a focussed mini course to show you all the basics and introduce you to some clay possibilities, while in a small group! 

You can join for all 4 classes, or any single class on a casual basis.

Classes are held in 4 week blocks each month on Saturday mornings and Wednesday evenings. 

These classes are structured to give you a good basic understanding of the major techniques involved in making stuff with clay! You can enquire by using the form below, or go to the Schedule page to get started in the next Introduction to Pottery course.

Week One

  •  Types of Clay
  • Rolling clay by hand
  • Creating & using textures
  • Slump and drape moulds to make plates and bowls
  • Japanese press plates

Week Two

  • Obtaining a professional finish
  • Pinch pots – Teapots!
  • Basic coil pots
  • The clay workflow

Week Three

  • Cups four ways:
  • Pinch
  • Wet slab
  • Firm slab
  • Slip cast
  • Underglazes and Oxides
  • Intro to glazing

Week Three

  • Mixing slabs, coils, pinch to create
  • Intro to the potter’s wheel
  • Glaze combinations






Please indicate your interest for this class using the form:

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Regular Classes Are Suitable For Intermediate to Advanced Students

If you have never done any pottery, or it’s been a while – get started in our “Introduction to Pottery” intensive course, above. If you have done the Introduction to Pottery course, or you have some previous experience, you can join the regular Firebird Studios classes.

In these classes students work in the direction they are most interested in – all skills will build up as you work on your own projects! The teacher is on hand to help perfect your techniques and guide you in the methods used to create your project. Get creative and start exploring all the possibilities in clay!

Develop a Range

  • Dinner ware
  • Other table ware
  • Gift ware
  • Ornaments
  • Jewellery
  • Keep cups
  • Unified forms and colours

Master the Wheel

  • Learn from a production thrower
  • Practice and more practice
  • Key points and hints
  • Develop your forms

Mould Making

  • Simple drop out moulds
  • Simple two part moulds
  • Plugs
  • Techniques
  • Potter’s plaster 

Decoration Techniques

  • Underglazes
  • Engobes
  • Slip and glaze trail
  • Glaze combinations
  • Advanced glaze techniques
  • Decals, lustres and metals



Gold Pass Students

Gold Passes are available to students who have completed the Introduction to Pottery course and completed 10 additional lessons in Regular classes. Gold Pass students have established their work flow and have demonstrated competence in the studio and are advancing on their pottery journey. 

Gold Passes are a discounted 10 class pass and entitle the Gold Pass student studio access at designated times (“open studio”) where they can work on their projects mostly unsupervised. Great for getting in the wheel practice and getting the clay work flow under control. The cost of Open Studio time is one Gold Pass ticket! Check out studio terms and conditions for Gold Passes.

Made by Students

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are Classes?

Introduction to Pottery Intensive Course – $200 for 4 classes – $60 for individual, trial or casual classes – set curriculum – join in with the class being presented.

Regular Classes – $350 10 class pass – $200 5 class pass – $50 for casual classes

Gold Class Pass – $300 10 class pass (must have completed Intro to Pottery and 10 Regular classes) – Regular classes and open studio access


When Are Classes Held?

Introduction to Pottery Intensive Course:

Wednesday evenings 6pm – 9pm for 4 week blocks – one per month

Saturday mornings 9am – 12 noon for week blocks – one per month

Regular Classes:

Monday Morning – 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Monday Evening – 6pm – 9pm

Thursday Evening – 6pm – 9pm

Friday Morning – 9:30am – 12:30 pm

Gold Pass:

See Events schedule for open studio access


Where Are Classes Held?

Classes are held at Unit 4 / 6 Ramly Drive, Burleigh Heads.

The studio is the rear left unit, entry is via the little pergola and garden! There are 8 car parks available, plus on street parking.

What Is Included - What Do I Need To Bring?

Firebird Studios has on hand clay, colourants and glazes, firing, tools and more. You don’t need to bring anything other than a small towel, maybe and apron and your ideas!

All finished work is charged at $10 per kg to cover the cost of materials and two firings. Porcelain is $12 per kg. If your work is utilising lustres or precious metals (you will need to purchase these separately), the third firing charge is an additional $4 per kg.

Clay is available to purchase and some raw materials (and tools). If you are using your own clay, the finished work fee is $7 per kg for two firings, or $4 per kg per firing.

Some workshops are advertised as all inclusive meaning that materials used and two firings (even decorating in some cases) is included in the fee.


How Can I Enrol?

Introduction to Pottery 4 Week Intensives can be enrolled in directly on the Schedule page – just scroll through the months to find the course you want to enrol in. Please be advised that there are limited spaces available in these course – usually around 6 people – so make sure you book early!

Once you have completed the Introduction to Pottery course you can move to one of the Regular Classes – your teacher will advise availability.

If you want to start off in a Regular Class – -please use the form below to enquire.


How Can I Pay?

You can pay for the Introduction to Pottery course online by card (Square) or PayPal (card or your PayPal account). If you prefer you can also pay in person by cash or card when you start – please use one of the forms on this page to book your place!

Regular Classes and Gold Passes can be paid for in person.

Gift Vouchers are often available – look for them in the Shop.


What Will I Be Making?

In the Introduction to Pottery course you will be making a set curriculum, however, you are free to extend the basics with your own imagination and art!

For Regular Classes, generally speaking, the teacher does not set projects or direct what you should make.

Research ideas on Pinterest. Then the teacher can guide you along to create your ideas! Discussions on surface treatment, colour options and glazing options form part of the discovery.

Slab made flat items, such as plates and bowls, are relatively easy and it is quite possible for a complete beginner to make an entire dinner set! Professionalism comes from finish, choice of colours and glazes and surface textures, etc. Your technique will develop over the months and years!

Taller coil built and slab built items are a little more complex, but still very achievable in the early days.

Throwing on the wheel is the most difficult skill to learn, but once you get the knack, you will be able to create all kinds of interesting pots.

If you want to make lots of something, or a matching set beyond your throwing skills, we can even make a mould for slip casting!

Sculptural and decorative art works are another avenue to explore and you are very welcome to come along with ideas for any kind of mixed media work based in clay!

In 2019 we will be exploring reduction firing, raku firing, pit firing, lustre and precious metals, mould making, screen printing your own underglaze washi paper designs and much more, either in Regular Classes or workshops. So much to look forward to!


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From Our Students

I have learnt more in three lessons from Lynda than I learnt in three years at another class! I call her “Pearl” – always got a pearl of wisdom to make my work better!


As a professional artist looking to expand into clay, I respect the skills and knowledge I am finding at Firebird Studios.


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