Short Courses

Short courses cover a wide topic range and are five weeks long


  • Introduction to Pottery Short Course
  • Hand Building Short Course
  • Introduction to the Potters Wheel Short Course
  • Advanced Decoration Short Course
  • Mould Making Short Course
  • Glaze Chemistry Short Course
  • Dinner Setting Short Course

Short Courses

Firebird Studios offers a wide range of short courses at various times and days.

These courses are generally 5 weeks long, cover just the area that is stated and offers either an introductory level, refresher level or advanced level. 

Potters Wheel Short Course

The 5 week Potter’s Wheel Short Course will give a great introduction to making pots on the potter’s wheel. “Throwing” is a master crafts skill that takes years to learn, owever you will be surprised at your progress in just 5 weeks!

Introduction to Pottery Short Course

Our Introduction to Pottery 5 Week Course will give you a great taster for pottery. You will touch on the basic level of the most common hand building techniques, a session on the potter’s wheel.

Hand Building Short Course

This 5 week course is all about hand building, using textures and colours, and the most commonly used hand building techqniques. 

Glaze Chemistry Short Course

Learn the fundamentals of how glazes work and the raw materials behind them. find out which chemicals make colours in glazes and how to use those colours.

Introduction to Sculpting Short Course

The Introduction to Sculpting Course will take you through the most common techniques and issues when sculpting from clay as you main medium.

Advanced Decoration Short Course

Advance Decorating is a short course that focuses on layering techniques n either thrown or hand built forms. Explore washi, engobes, sgraffito, underglazes, decals and lustre.

Dinner Setting Short Course

Design and make a 4 place dinner set. Large plates, smaller plates, bowls and serving dish. 

Mould Making and Slip Casting Short Course

Learn how to make simple drop out and two part moulds. discover how pouring slip clay works and how to pour and trim slip cast work. Learn about coloured slip and decorating with it.

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