Ceramic Decoration 5 Week Course


Decoration of your ceramics is an often-forgotten or passed-over component to beautiful pieces that are unique to you!

We all know about the Potter’s Wheel, Hand-building and Glazing ceramics, but decoration using coloured slips, underglazing, carving and piercing, decals, washi paper etc…  is the perfect way to embellish your work. There are a multitude of different techniques and combinations of techniques to learn, and experiment with, that will bring heartfelt pride to your experience when you hold your creations in your hands.

This course touches on many of the most practical and beautiful techniques that will help you bring your artistic flare into your ceramic journey. In this course you will make then decorate several intricate pieces and learn the following techniques

  • Using Coloured slip
  • Sgraffito
  • Make a ceramic plate
  • Make a ceramic bowl
  • Layering slip and underglazes
  • Piercing of clay
  • Make a ceramic bottle
  • Carving of clay
  • Wax resist
  • Texturing dry clay
  • Basic glazing and glaze techniques

So much learning designed into this value packed course, and you will come away with some truly beautiful pieces. The final week of this course will be glazing your work and ensuring any unfinished work is in the kiln room for bisque. Any incomplete work will be completed by studio staff before you come in and collect your pieces.

You are welcome to bring inspiration with you to class! Some idea of clay and the ceramic process is preferred in this course.