Ceramic Bonsai Garden Tealight House 3-Week Short Course


Create your own Amazing Sculptural Bonsai Garden.

Held over 3 weeks – Tuesday Sept 13th and 20th Sept and 4th October This class runs for 2 weeks, then a 1 week break, then another week to colour and glaze your beautiful creation. THIS COURSE WILL SUIT STUDENTS WITH SOME PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE WITH CLAY.

The skills learnt in this course will give you all the clever basics required to create with clay to your heart’s desire. So many building and decorating techniques, all wrapped up into 3 weeks… and you should take home a stunning, one of a kind, character-filled ceramic building.

There is something so primal about creating a functional piece from a lump of clay. It fills so many of our needs as a person living a fast-paced life as we all are!

Marcia G, our very talented ceramic creator and artist, will guide you through the many processes involved in this creation. This will most suit people who have played with clay previously, and have some idea about handling clay.

This workshop includes all materials, 2 firings, instruction and glazing. Any unfinished work will be completed for you by the studio staff.

Disclosure: Clay has so much beauty – however it also has a fickle and finnicky nature. It can crack and break at any of the many stages of getting clay to a fully glazed functional piece. This being the nature of clay, we cannot guarantee the success of your piece. It is a condition of learning the skills in this class that you are aware of this.

Plants not included.