Beginners Potters Wheel Workshop


Ever watched fascinated as potters make a spinning wheel and a lump of clay into a pot? 

Well, here’s your chance to try your hand at crafting your very own piece on the Potter’s Wheel!

Join us for a two-hour pottery “throwing” workshop (a term used to describe the process of shaping clay on the wheel). 

What will I make? 

As a beginner, you’ll embark on a journey akin to that of a skilled craftsman. Your initial attempts might yield a slightly imperfect cup or bowl, but the key is that you will have crafted it yourself! You’ll not only walk away with a tangible keepsake but also enjoy a delightful, hands-on experience as you delve into the fundamentals of centering, opening, and raising the sides of your pottery.

What’s more, we’ll take care of the finishing touches, glazing, and firing, so you can proudly take home your masterpiece approximately three weeks later.

What do I bring?

All you need to bring is an apron and a bath towel (not for bathing, but to keep your lap clean!) – we’ll provide everything else.


  • When the workshop concludes, you’ll have the privilege of selecting your three favorite pieces. 
  • Our workshop fee is all-inclusive, covering materials, two firing sessions, and our expert glazing services. 
  • Should you wish to try your hand at glazing your work, we’ll provide a card with detailed instructions. 
  • Your finished pieces will be ready for pickup between 3 and 4 weeks after the workshop.