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Courses and workshops for 2020

We have a REALLY exciting year coming up at Firebird Studios.2019 has been a wonderful year of learning to deliver courses, refining the course structure, pricing, inclusions and delivery over the year, watch the student's work improve semester upon semester, and...

Third Semester 2019

The whole calendar is up for the third term for Firebird Studios! What a busy 10 weeks! FIND THE CALENDAR ON OUR SCHEDULE PAGE First up - we have our premier Introduction to Pottery 5 week intensive courses - this term all the day/time slots for the Level One Courses...

Plates. Bowls and Platters Four Ways

Plates. Bowls and Platters Four Ways

SLUMP MOULD Slump moulds hold the clay inside the mould. You can use plater moulds, or any kind of found open forms (there are no internal areas larger than the opening) such as plates and bowls from your kitchen, plastic, ceramic or metal is OK.      Roll your clay -...

The Process of Making Pottery

The Process of Making Pottery

There is a rhythm and flow to clay. It can’t be done all at once! Even the making process! It can take weeks to get everything done!

About Clay And How To Handle It

Clay is a special kind of dirt! It has been formed over millennia of grinding up and weathering of regular dirt. Sand has interesting particles that are jagged and not uniform and not organised. Clay has particles that line up and can be organised. Part of the process...

New Digs

Firebird Studios has moved into the new space at unit 4 / 6 Ramly Drive! Over the last week we painted the walls (they were red and grey) moved the martial arts upstairs, built a glazing room, had wash down areas and clay traps plumbed in, set up a nice lounge area with tea and coffee, and set up the little kitchen. There is open space we will be utilising for larger workshops and events as well.

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