Alternative Firing Master Class

A series of alternative firing workshops over several weekends.

Enjoy good company, fun and food, while learning about flame firing!


Alternative Firing Master Master Class

Alternative Firing Master Class.

This is masterclass is a series of weekend workshops where we participate in wood firing, pit firing, reduction firing, saggar firing, raku firing, terra sigliata workshop and a kiln building (theory) workshop.

Kiln Building

  • Building a flame based kiln
  • Theory
  • Possible practical

 Wood Firing

  • Learn about celadon, tenmoku and shino glazes.
  • Theory of wood firing
  • Load and fire the wood kiln

 Raku Firing

  • Learn about raku glazes
  • Learn about terra sigliata and horse hair and feather effects
  • Learn about reduction effects

 Reduction Firing

  • Lear about copper red, tenmoku and tea dust tenmoku and celadon glazes
  • Load and fire the gas kiln
  • Learn about reduction firing

Terra Sigliata

  • History and uses of terra sigliata
  • Learn how to make terra sigliata
  • Apply premade terra sigliata ready for raku



  • Lear how to make saggars
  • Load and fire saggars in the gas kiln
pit firing

Pit Firing

  • Learn about pit firing
  • Mask and colour your work
  • Load the pit
  • Have fun around the campfire and enjoy a night in the bush!
pit firing


This Masterclass is held only once a year in winter. If the mastercalss is not fully booked then each workshop is offered as an individual workshop. 

Please indicate your interest in the Alternative Firing Master Class using this form


Made by Students

pit firing
pit firing

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