Advance Decoration Short Course

Learn complex decoration techniques including advanced texturing, layering, engobes, oxide washes and more.


Advanced Decoration Short Course

In this five week full immersion Advanced Decoration Short Course you will learn complex surface decoration techniques to give you even more choice to make your pottery work stand out in the crowd!

Week One

  • Shellac/wax/resist to create texture
  • Carving and piercing
  • Make your own textures
  • Design with texture
  • Using underglazes, oxides and glazes with texture

Week Two

  • Creating texture
  • Using colour
  • Paper transfers with engobes
  • Layering techniques

Week Three

  • The processes to make your own
  • Using commercial washi and decals
  • Firing cycles for lustres and decals
  • Where to get your washi and decals
  • How to use them uniquely

Week Four

  • Advanced underglazes, using as over glazes
  • Majolica
  • Using oxides – commercial or raw material
  • Advanced glazing

Week Five

  • Using multiple techniques
  • Planning layers
  • Design aspects of layering
  • Work flow for layering

Where to from here?

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