Firebird Studios

We do – studio pottery, commission work, cafe and restaurant wares, gift ware, porcelain jewellery, teaching space with regular classes and special workshops, kiln hire, variety of art/craft workshops….

About Firebird Studios

Firebird Studios is owned and operated by Lynda Lehmann. It is located in Burleigh Heads, on the wonderful Gold Coast of Australia. Lynda has been a studio potter for over 40 years, however, Firebird Studios has only been in operation since 2017, and only open to students since 2018.

With it’s early success, we are very excited to be moving Firebird Studios into a new and larger space right next door to the old space. This new space is larger, brighter and more suitable to grow into a wonderful community of artists and artisans.

Regular classes are held for adults and parent/child at various times and days.

Workshops in various arts, crafts and other modalities are held at least monthly. The Meetup Group, “Creativity Unleashed Gold Coast”, will use the space for regular mini-workshops on a regular basis. We have an enclosed and  comfortable mezzanine area that can host a number of modalities.

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Lynda Lehmann

I draw my inspiration from nature and the martial arts. Creating the “impossible”, making things easily and effortlessly, and working in harmony with collaborators and clients. Ceramics has been my life since finishing high school and looking for a job in between school and university. The first job I saw and applied for was working in a pottery studio.  I stayed and became a master potter/production thrower. I eventually made it to university, but to study a degree in Ceramic Design instead of Fine Arts!


The Vision

Our vision is to bring arts and crafts to a broad variety of people. To experience the joy of creating with clay and mixed media. To develop creativity and the personal development that can occur through opening up the creative mind. To bring in leading talents in a broad variety of creative endeavours to inspire the local community. To create a community of artists and artisans.

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4/6 Ramly Drive
Burleigh Heads
QLD, 4220