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The owner of the studio – Lynda – is retiring so Firebird Studios is looking for a new owner to take it into the most successful phase of its life!

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Want To Try Your Hand At Pottery?

Many people start with one of our 2 hour workshops to have fun, try pottery, learn some new skills.

If you are looking for a good courses to teach you the basics of how to make things with clay an excellent place to start is our 6 week Introduction to Pottery Course. Most of our students follow that up with a wheel or hand building Masterclass (these are fine for beginners to start in as well).

Our flagship course for those with a little bit of pottery making experience is the Design and Decorate Masterclass – this course makes POTTERS!

Our students eventually do our advanced courses in Glaze Chemistry, Mould Making, Advanced Decoration, and Intermediate/Advanced Potters Wheel.

We also offer entry level courses in Dinner Setting, Potters Wheel, Sculpture, Porcelain Jewellery and more. 

Introductory Level Courses

Introduction to Pottery

This course is the perfect beginner course – 6 weeks long, designed to learn the basic hand building techniques and basics of the potters wheel, as well as colours and glazing. We hold these courses in weekday morning and weekday evening time slots. To find out more click onto the dates below.

Hand Building Masterclass

Great follow on from the Intro to Pottery, or you can start here as well! This 10 week course takes you from beginner to a sloid level of hand building skills, working up in complexity week on week. follow this course with the Design and Decorate Masterclass and we have made professional potters from these two courses! To find out more click onto the dates below!

Potters Wheel Masterclass

This 10 week course will take you from complete beginner to being able to make a teapot (the pots in the image were made by students!). “Throwing” on the potter’s wheel is a high level skill and it takes time and a lot of practice to learn. Everyone is just a little proud of their teapots though! To find out more about this course click onto the dates below!

Make Your Own Dinner Set 

This is a 5 week introductory level course where you can plan, design, and make your own unique 4 setting dinner set! Want more settings? Join our Community Clay and keep going! To find our more click onto the dates below!

Introduction to the Potters Wheel – Two Levels

This is a 4 week course to learn the basics of the Potters Wheel. “Throwing” on a potters wheel is a high level skill, however you will be amazed at twhat you make in this course! You can start here and follow with the Masterclass, or jump straight into the Masterclass. For more info about the Intro to the Potters Wheel course, click onto the dates below! This followed by a 4 week Level 2 course to keep honing your skills!

student sculpture

Introduction to Sculpture Course

Sculpting in clay is so creative, tactile, free and fun! This course leads you through the basics of making sculptoral work using clay as your primary material.

Advanced Courses

Design and Decorate Masterclass

We consider this 10 week masterclass to be our premier course! Why? It makes POTTERS! Many of our students have gone on from this course and started making and selling their work! They find their mojo, their passions and their talent! You need to have basic skills at making htings in clay – then we move into the processes of designing and planning your work, learning decoration techniques and a lot more about colour and finish! To find our more about this course click onto the dates below!

Introduction to Glaze Chemistry

Want control on your processes? Learning the basics about glaze chemistry is a must! You will learn what to look for in a glaze recipe, what each fot he raw materials do and how to test and manipulate your glazes. To find out more about this course click on the dates below!

Mould Making

Learn how to make a simple drop out mould, simple two part mould, and a drape mould. Learn about the properties of casting slip, how to make it, how to troubleshoot it and how to finish your work. Basic clay skills required. To find out more about this course click on a date below!

Advanced Decoration

Learn in depth advanced decoration techniques like majolica, washi, lustres and metallics, advanced glazing techniques and planning layers of your decoration for depth. You will need work at various levels of dryness and firing pre prepared for this 5 week course. To find out more click onto the dates below!


Intermediate and Advanced Potters Wheel

Take your throwing skills to the next level – each time we run this course we tackle different projects – you will achieve the results no matter where your throwing is at – you just need to be able to centre and control the rim to enjoy the challenges presented! To find out more click onto a date below!

Conventional and Alternative Firing

From time to time we run a special series of firing workshops including raku, pit, reduction, saggar and more….signing up for the entire series (when offered) gives a discount as well as additional information and workshops (such as terra sigliata and naked raku, electric kilns, etc) … if there is a date to click on below a course is scheduled and you can find out more!

Intermediate and Advanced Handbuilding – Slabs

5 Week course to investigate a few advanced hand building projects using slab building techniques – learn to extend your slab building beyond simple boxes and vases!


Intermediate and Advanced Porcelain

5 week course to enhance your porcelain game – tricks, nerikome and neriage, throwing or hand building.

Intermediate and Advanced Handbuilding – Coiling

Extend your hand building range with coil building – explore how to shape, decorate and excel at coil building. 5 week course.

Community Clay

Firebird Studios has developed a wonderful community of creative and happy potters who hang out with us and make their work.

You only need a few skills to come and join in – this program is term by term and you have unlimited access to the studio to make friends, make clay and be creative during Community Clay times!

Click through here to find out more!

Workshops, Special Events, Intensives, Mini Courses & Retreats


Firebird Studios offers regular 2 hour workshops – learn some skills, have fun, make a group and make it a party! These workshops are a great way to enjoy making some pottery and a great introduction to get started in a pottery hobby!


Special Events

Birthday parties through to Corporate and team building events – we can help you have a great pottery experience. 


Intensives and Retreats

Firebird Studios offers mini courses, intensive weekend courses, online courses and retreats – find out more by clicking through!


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