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At Firebird Studios, we want your time in the Studio to be fun and creative. We teach every aspect of pottery from beginners to advanced and even have teachers for the design and decoration of your ceramics, to ensure your unique style is discovered.

Come in and see for yourself! We love to see the unique and varied work coming through our well equipped studio!!


Want To Try Your Hand At Pottery?

Depending on your experience with ceramics, we have the perfect course for you on our curriculum. Many people start with one of our 2 hour workshops to have a try, learn some new skills, or just to have a fun social gathering with friends.

Our Introduction to Pottery 5 Week Course is well designed to give you all the basics of hand-building with clay, a lesson on the potter’s Wheel, and the basics of decoration and glazing -an excellent place to start. Most of our students follow that up with a wheel or hand building Masterclass (these are fine for beginners to start in as well).

Our flagship course for those with a little bit of pottery making experience is the Design and Decorate Masterclass. This course has been developed to give you the skills to not only design and create your ceramics, but carve, pierce and decorate your pottery to really enhance your unique style. This course makes POTTERS!

The Vision

Our vision is to bring the joy of making in clay to a broad variety of people. To develop creativity and the personal development that can occur through opening up the creative mind. To create a community of artists and potters who have the knowledge and skills to develop their own style and bring beautiful work to life!

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What is Available to you?


You can go from playing with clay to professional potter.


Beginner workshops in hand building and the potters wheel each week.

Community Clay

Self directed exploration in an Open Studio. Just bring your own clay and the tools find a spare wheel or a space at the tables. Then create to your heart’s desire.

Special Events

Host up to 20 people for two or three hours of pottery fun plus a little bit extra to relax and enjoy yourself.


We can produce small quantity orders for cafes and for private commissions such as special occasions, etc.

Other fun stuff

Kids classes during school holidays. Special firings such as wood firing, pit firing, raku firing, and reduction firings.

Events will be are listed on the

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